The Garden by the Bush Diary

Hi!  My name is Patrick.  I live in New Zealand.  Very simply, this website contains notes and observations about what happens when I work in my garden or on my house, and what I find when I go into the Bush which starts at the top of my garden.

It also includes notes and observations about things that have happened, or are happening, in New Zealand.  These are things which I think non-New Zealanders will find interesting.  I think they will be interesting because they are interesting to me, and I'm a foreigner.

For more information, click here: What is "The Garden by The Bush Diary" about?  (Last updated 13th August 2011).
Otherwise, pick a month and find out what happened... is happening... might happen... in and around the Garden.

"What a gardener needs is a cast-iron back - with a hinge in it."

Table of Contents

  • Sunsets 2010-2011  (Last updated 3rd June 2011) - Gallery of best sunsets, 2010 - 2011.
  • Sunsets 2012-2013  (Last updated 13th January 2014) - Gallery of best sunsets, 2012 - 2013.
  • January 2015  (Last updated 26th January 2015) - catching up, hot summer weather, drownings, new car.
  • December 2014  (Last updated 10th December 2014) - pergola repair work, bees' nest in composter.
  • November 2014  (Last updated 24th November 2014) - sauerkraut, heritage sweetcorn, bags of soil, tyre planting, kumara sprouts, kumara planted, fence repaired.
  • October 2014  (Last updated 20th October 2014) - Moving asparagus, dismantling strawberry frames, new Wellington fault, wind wand repairs, yam and Maori potato planting, Spanish heath bush trimming, bread machine, wisteria cuttings, steps clearing and surfacing.
  • September 2014  (Last updated 29th September 2014) - Pear pruning finished, Spring here, soup season over, snail stomping, weeding, potato planting, stake making, stakes done, corn shucking, tyre weeding, spinach ready, elections, cape gooseberries, winter is back, firewood again, wintery-summery, spring weeding, spring flowers.
  • August 2014  (Last updated 25th August 2014) - Unseasonable warm weather, winter is here at last, Fred Flintstone bowling, 'kissing' cats, filmed blackbird opening snail shell, logging error, Southerly Buster, who doesn't like wind wands?, sheep loss, spring is coming, hooning tuis, kereru return, new saw, spring plans.
  • July 2014  (Last updated 23rd July 2014) - Cold weather and soup at last, weeding, ice cream van, hail storm, pear pruning, seedling planting, blackbird and snail, bad weather up north, whale watchers, winter arrives, winter eases off again, table of temperatures added.
  • June 2014  (Last updated 30th June 2014) - Colder weather, no snail hiding place, lots of digging, lining beds, lots of weeding, Maori potatoes and yams, guttering removal, firewood shifting, more rot in the carport, composting, wind and snow, planting, warm weather, 50-year celebration.
  • May 2014  (Last updated 27th May 2014) - Digging over beds, carport repairs, Antarctic blast, firewood drying bays done.
  • April 2014  (Last updated 16th April 2014) - Butterfly or sloth, shallot stringing, royal visit, census and foreigners.
  • March 2014  (Last updated 25th March 2014) - Liming again, pergola rope problems, monarch butterfly pictures, tomato-chilli season over, quality weeds, cicadas still here, grapes, still more pears and cicadas, composter emptying, corn pollination, caged white butterfly.
  • February 2014  (Last updated 10th March 2014) - new neighbours, building a brick wall, tomato harvesting starts, a use for beer cartons, one view of global warming, carport clearance, weta hassles, tree-felling, ducklings, bushwalk, pear season, cicadas, pear picking, tomato-chilli, butterfly hunting, pear-sauce processing, liquid soap making.
  • January 2014  (Last updated 29th January 2014) - Grass and bark, spider-selfie, cookers, hurdle replacement, sunsets, drain clearing, rosebed weeding, mini-rose, pergola maintenance done, pig in the bush, or deer, history of pigs and deer, more pergola work, dead tree and more twigs, Eketahuna earthquake, under the pungas, nursery spider.
  • December 2013  (Last updated 1st January 2014) - summer starts, weather prophets!, chipping, sun shade testing, end of analogue TV, anniversary of first train journey, census results, Scott's canyon, gales stop play, the rise of the sweetpeas, wind break repairs, fern planting, the rise of the peas, mulch, mulch, mulch, weighing up the carport repairs, new water tanks, Christmas list, tying up tomatoes and peas, more mulching, grapes on the grapevine, weeding, grapes, hanging basket, sign post, gums cut down.
  • November 2013  (Last updated 25th November 2013) - Toms planted, leeks in, hanging baskets, tomato climbing frames, flowering windbreak, windy October, teddy bear shearing, greenhouse demolition, strawberry cage, "heady" punga, giant carex, spring flowers, nursery spider nest, mystery insect, pergola damage, strawberry cage finished, dawn chorus, opportunistic spider, wall painting, edible sweet peas, strawberry cage finished again, ants nest in shed, pear tree spraying, seed planting, another car accident.
  • October 2013  (Last updated 29th October 2013) - bushfire season (Aus), tsunami awareness, composter irrigation, tyre composting, underfloor ceiling demolition, census results, oil bottles, tractor fires, upper terrace finished, cleared ready for repairs, storm, rebuilding, new wall, new planting, new visibilty of obstacles in the driveway. driveway signpost, windy weekend, repairing windbreaks, record low road death-toll, deaths on Mt Taranaki.
  • September 2013  (Last updated 30th September 2013) - Official start to spring, mallard couple, strawberry planting, pergola work, clementines, potatoes in, yams in, bush walk, bush clematis, "leek in the oven" dish, gorse attacked, snap peas in, granny bonnets in, Michelle and the line trimmer, windy weather, godwits arrive, pergola repairs, removing Susan's roof litter, composter moving, warm and rainy weather, runaway car, cows killed by lightning, bike maintenance, hurdle repairs, night sky video, potato harvest, preparing beds.
  • August 2013  (Last updated 26th August 2013) - Spring weather, tree pruning for Helen, getting kitchen garden ready for spring, disappearing bumblebee, harrier-hawk, definitely spring weather, bush transplanting, spring planning, orange berry, strawberry beds, bush transplanting, silverbeet colours, tree felling plans, 6.6 earthquake, same-sex marriage, seeds planted, NZ Yams/Oca, path upgrade.
  • July 2013  (Last updated 16th August 2013) - Getting less cold, pruning Tony's pear tree, not landing at Wellington airport, no work done, spud storage techniques, yellowhammers, wild cold weather again, harvesting, learner chaffinch, clementine orange bush, 6.5 earthquake, good weather again, the bucket weta, cat capers, 14A path plans, carport roof woes.
  • June 2013  (Last updated 28th June 2013) - Cutting Michelle's trees, a broken saw, kereru and kowhai, potato sprouts, saw unbroken, drain cleaning, bird feeders back, rainbow, tree felling, drain unblocking, rain, feeding birds, tree lucerne, winter weather, flooding elsewhere, winter accidents, wild weather, sun again, greenhouse damage, garden full of birds.
  • May 2013  (Last updated 30th May 2013) - Back door closes again, pulling the drainage plug, Cloud Farm, chair and rail painting done, birdbath, sprouting spuds, wintery weather, Wellington floods, bags of firewood, autumn fungi, muffin failure, cover for chairs, veranda finished, mantis news, nikau palm, railing repairs, sparkly leaves, path to 14A made, logs cleared, winter and frost, snow, gumboot-related accidents.
  • April 2013  (Last updated 29th April 2013) - Mantis vs wasp, long weekend, rain, watering from the tanks, log shifting, veranda approaching completion, summer is over, grinding, kestrel mobbing, garlic and ginger "pickling", planting again, no cicadas this year, possums for beer, preserving jars, end of pear processing, new neighbour Michelle, Little Wellington, purchase of 14A, rainy weekend, cleaning up, foccacia bread, breakfast museli, weather prophets!, history of 14A, chains roods and perches, fern "hair-cut", leaf collecting, ANZAC Day, log hauling, exploring, veranda painting, chair painting.
  • March 2013  (Last updated 26th March 2013) - Autumn, pear sauce revisited, dolphins and orcas in the bay, Census Day, comet, irrigation ban, berry harvesting, mulching, chainsawing at last, clearance techniques, cats, drought, rain, surprise earthquakes, biodegradability problems, logging success, barbecue and goodbye, log cutting almost done, firewood cutting started, berry harvesting, final pear harvest, succulent wall covering.
  • February 2013  (Last updated 28th February 2013) - summer weather, pear-picking season, stiff ankles, aching knees, rain!, bumper harvest, pear cooking, pear disposal dump, foot good again, potato planting, broken pear branch, making hay, drought, planting delays, neighbour leaving, shark attack.
  • January 2013  (Last updated 28th January 2013) - bad weather, bad knee, veranda roofed, the brick, workless weekend, got my knee back, waterblaster broken, pergola repairs, ghost train, staking tomatoes, pear harvest looks big, planting seedlings again, staking other tomatoes, mystery insect.
  • December 2012  (Last updated 29th December 2012) - pergola straightening, weedmat pinning, bagging hay, tying up plants, weeding, goose on the loose, bird netting, weeding, irrigation repairs, feijoa flower, bamboo blinds, potato and carrot harvest, cyclone Evan, sunsets, gout, heat, veranda, mushrooms, veranda building.
  • November 2012  (Last updated 30th November 2012) - more irrigation, tomatoes and squash planted, Tony's car, vineyard frosts, sowing all sorts, rained off, pear spraying, seedlings, mesclun salad, weeding, path bump removal, yellow sunset, mesclun clearout, bed cleared, bean, zucchini and leek seedlings in, cornish pasties, lots of seedlings to plant, irrigation coupling failure, lots of seedlings in, seeds sown, grass cutting started, new bird seen, drizzle, end of spring, sun protection devices, pergola maintenance.
  • October 2012  (Last updated 31st October 2012) - Big bed done, flowers sown, codling moth trap, Tony's orchard in flower, Wellington warmest in September, shallots planted, corn planted, steps weeded, garlic preserved, car-port weeding, sparrow saboteur, car crash in the hills, city slogans, "woodshed" repairs, berry plants moved, hot greenhouse, more seeds sown, pergola support problems, tyre wall completed, sausage roll success, bush walking, tree cutting, more terrace making, pergola sun shades, planning the rest of spring, planting out cuttings.
  • September 2012  (Last updated 8th October 2012) - The first bed nears completion, rhubarb splitting, earthquake anniversary, ph-testing, liming, beds built, gales, beds now dug over, spring cold, kowhai flowers, succulent flowers, steaming composters, beds "finished", gorse flowers, strawberry replanting, people at number 15, morepork, planting in new bed, buying heritage seeds, spuds in, kowhai flowers, bellbird on kowhai, tree trimming, spring weeding started, bellbird in garden, "bird week".
  • August 2012  (Last updated 30th August 2012) - More mushrooms started, new knife, steps done, "Palouse" worms, artichokes moved, composter sorted out, volcano erupts, Aussies as underdogs, floating rocks heading our way, terrace started, kereru on bushes, firewood bugs, soup, terrace terraforming, earthquake risk assessments, volcanic risk assessments, fines for importing seeds, more terraforming.
  • July 2012  (Last updated 30th July 2012) - Burning old wood, planting spuds, fat feeder finished, starting on the steps, earthquake off the coast, confused seal, earthquake consequences for Wellington, firewood cache, kereru, number 15 up for auction, moss painting, wet weekend, circular saw, better weather, sprouting seed, sugar-water feeder, bush walk, pruning, mushrooms, harrier-hawk, steps done.
  • June 2012  (Last updated 25th June 2012) - Official start to winter, umu, Queen's Birthday Weekend, branch cutting done at last, praying mantis, planting and harvesting, wintery blast, rest weekend, compost progress, non-stop cold weather, International Dark Sky Reserve, Wellington fault, bird feeder out again, cold weather still, window frames, mushrooms, warm weather at last, transplanting, rainbow, pergola finally finished, beard back.
  • May 2012  (Last updated 28th May 2012) - Wintery, a warmer, drier bathroom, duck hunting season starts, super-moon, criminal catches criminal, Australian fly invader, window repairs, found two more trees, Wellington cycleway, emergencies and Americans, flash + bang = no Internet, winter weather, firewood emergency, chutney, gorge cleared, wood splitting, the "catch of the day" was a pig, breakthrough on the hill.
  • April 2012  (Last updated 3rd May 2012) - first wood off the hill, pear season is over, cicadas, weather review, recycle disappointment, Rena half sinks, building the composter, Wellington Tree Weta, nobody died, potential first boat people, penguins, roadnames, compost, neighbours are leaving, projects for the winter, ventillation started, neighbour's punga, bags of compost, too much pak choy, number 15 is for sale, heat transfer system installed, "cottage vege gardening", bamboo matchstick blinds, hunting, open house.
  • March 2012  (Last updated 30th March 2012) - weather prophesy for autumn, "weather bomb", marathon cooking, American chilli recipe, bottling garlic, trees felled, sanding again, pears all harvested, cutting up first fallen tree, The Hobbit, beardless, bee exports, harvesting, more tree cutting, bad weather, Venus and Jupiter, leaf-fall, composter plans, Hobbit-time, berry harvesting, grapes, slips, more tree cutting.
  • February 2012  (Last updated 29th February 2012) - gale warning, autumn weather prophesy, Waitangi Day, new greenhouse, firewood hunting, another 'big log', path surfacing, wasps, arborist, pear sauce weekend, greenhouse ventilation, kiwifruit sprouting, honeysuckle, painting and scraping at Helen's, weeding, passionvine hoppers, earthquake anniversary, gale-proofing the greenhouse, making liquid soap, gate hinges, pergola maintenance, greenhouse wiring, the cat sat on the post, the return of the fungus, leapers.
  • January 2012  (Last updated 1st February 2012) - strawberries, workman's legs, painting done, how to make soil, painting done, honeysuckle planting, MV Rena breaks apart, balloon crash, gales, pergola gale-strengthening, hacking back the jungle, hacked (a bit), fenced, winter firewood, whale stranding, death of a suburb, The Hobbit casting call, trees in NZ, gale-proof pergola, Hobbit casting chaos, going "over the hill", Auckland's population, pear harvesting starts.
  • 2011 - Table of Contents for 2011.
  • 2010 - Table of Contents for 2010.

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